Hung-Tu Chen

I am a PhD student in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department at Dartmouth College working with Matthijs van der Meer. My main research interest lies in understanding how the brain, particularly the hippocampus, encodes spatially and temporally different but related experiences. Specifically, I want to find out general rules mapping one experience to another in neural representations. In addition, I am interested in knowing how hippocampal neural representations facilitate transfer of behaviors and prevents memory interference.

Previously, I was a research assistant working with Jeffery Erlich at New York University Shanghai. We developed a travelling salesperson-like task for rodents to study the neural mechanism of planning and sequential decision-making. Before that, I received a BA in Economics at National Tsing Hua University where I was introduced to normative models explaining how people make economical decisions.

Besides research, I develop open-source projects ranging from implementation of (deep) machine/reinforcement learning models to web development. I am also a coffee aficionado who enjoys to be a barista and a coffee roaster at home.